Citigold Corporation Limited is an ASX-listed company with gold and silver exploration and mining operations within the Charters Towers tenements in northern Queensland. Charters Towers is 100% owned by Citigold and the deposit represents one of the highest grade goldfields in Australia. The project is expected to enter into a development and ramp up phase which could lead to a notable increase in production.

Citigold Corporation


LionGold Corp owns 15% of Citigold Corporation Limited, and is the company’s largest single shareholder.


The centre of the Charters Towers goldfield is about 1,000 kilometres north of Brisbane and 128 kilometres southwest of Townsville in Queensland, Australia.

Size & Prospects:

Tenements include 148 square kilometres Central goldfield with control of a surrounding exploration area of more than 1,000 square kilometres through 58 holdings:

  • 47 Mining Leases spanning 24.4 square kilometres
  • 5 Mineral Development Licences spanning 48.9 square kilometres
  • 2 Exploration Permit Minerals Applications spanning 604.8 square kilometres
  • 4 Exploration Permit Minerals spanning 875.6 square kilometres

The defined Resources generally extend at a depth of between 100 and 1,200 metres in over 80 major reefs typically 0.3 metres to 1.5 metres thick over a total strike length of about 5 kilometres. The gold is finely disseminated but is largely free milling. The Central area is an established mine site and contains some 6 million ounces of gold along about 4km of strike. The Imperial area includes the Warrior and Sons of Freedom reefs to the southeast of Charters Towers and contains about 4 million ounces of gold.

Processing Plants:

Standard Minproc style Carbon-in-Leach (CIL) gold processing plant with a design capacity of 340,000 tonnes per year.

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